Success: Overcoming The Pit Falls (Part II)

Hi friends! Last time we were talking about success and creating results. The journey to creating results can seem so smooth until a pit fall comes your way. A pit fall is something that must change in you first in order to move forward and create the life you truly desire. Lets take a look and see which one of these pit falls best describes you and how you will overcome it.

The first pit fall is false pride and ego. False pride and ego is over-estimating and compensating your abilities. When you size up your competition to match their credentials, when you obsess to be better than everyone else and strive to achieve results, when the results and success that you have aren’t good enough, when you think you are already better than everyone else and don’t need any more skills and training because you already know it; these are all classic signs of false pride and ego. Just remember one thing, pride always comes before a fall.

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Grace Is Enough

No matter your situation and what you are facing…it is not a matter of ‘if’, it is only a matter of ‘when’ by God’s gift of grace to you that you ‘will’ be victorious! Maintain your joy today, your victory is coming…it may not be this second, but His timing is perfect!!! Keep going and doing what you are doing, it is not for nothing. Now in your situation is the greatest moment of learning that counts the most. Keep doing and receive His grace. The moment is coming that all you do now will come a season of reaping and all that you have done will be received to you in great abundance. Until next time…

The Inheritance (Part II)

Continuing from the post made earlier this week regarding ‘The Inheritance’, the true way to inherit God’s blessings is simple:

1) All those results you are going for are not yours. The results are His. You can strive all you want, but no one can move the mountains in your life like He can.

2) All God is asking is that you only focus on what He is asking of you and let Him do the rest. He came for those that are tired and weary so you could lay your troubles at His feet. He promised you perfect rest. Let go, rest, and let God do the rest.

3) it is not about all you did, it is about who God is.

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Breaking The Bondage: Going Deeper….

The moment you fall to our to your knees and you look to heaven above, you can no longer do this so-called ‘life’ on your own; certainly not on your own strength. This is a definitive decision making moment. One of two choices must be decided upon, to work in your own godcariesstrength which has landed us here in misery, insanity, with an end that only leads to death and destruction, OR to make the decision to surrender and to let the Lord our God carry you.

What does it mean to let God carry you? First, it means surrendering yourself to Him. This means you rest and acknowledge that He is and He has your every care. This is your turn to let go and acknowledge that you trust Him enough to care for your needs. He already knows exactly what you need, but He will not do so without your permission. You have the ultimate choice. When you choose Him not only do you surrender your ways, but you also surrender your thoughts. You make a choice to leave all anxiousness with Him. Your thoughts now become His thoughts and you are allowing Him to do a work in your life. You also give Him the authority to work it out for good in His timing, not your own.

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