The Case of The Before Holiday’s Yesterdays….(Part I)

Hello friends! I just had a thought that I should write about one of those yesterdays from last week, yes you got it, the yesterday days before the holiday break began! You know those yesterdays? Those days you were so excited because everything just seemed so right on your schedule the way you had it planned. Everything was looking sparkly and fantabulous and all of A SUDDEN…

You get the call on your phone. You know the call I am talking about. The moment you realize you have to pick your child up from school because they have a fever. The same moment you are 20 plus minutes late in picking up your child and the administrator is not happy you are there late therefore deciding to hand you the student handbook asking you to review it. The same moment you receive the handbook in your hand and it’s marked exactly on the page that discuss school policies when your child is sick. Also the moment you just REALIZED….

All the appointments and everything you had ‘planned’ is now ambushed with a sick child that needs to be seen by the doctor asap to be sure it’s not something more. You are secretly hoping they can squeeze you in and help your child. You then hope you can bring your child home and still slide in a few things while taking care of your child. Will it happen yes OR no?? What do you do and how do you handle it?? Stay tuned….

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