The Inheritance

There are going to be days you face challenges. There are going to be days you wish you did not get out of bed. There are going to be days that your emotions get the best of you. There will be days where every moment feels like a test. There will be days where every moment seems like it went wrong.

In days like these…take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale and repeat as many times as needed. Then I encourage you to take a moment to yourself and begin to pray. Allow yourself grace.

Know these moments are a test only. We are promised that we are never given more than we can handle. Remember on days like these are when our faith is tested. We can either choose to trust and believe the truth OR we can choose to wallow in everything that has not happened or isn’t happening quick enough.

If we choose to sow the seed and persist in our daily trials surrendering all to God, He will reward and bless us for our faith, belief, conviction, and reliance on Him.

Your blessing and birthright to His kingdom is coming. He promised you this, however, nothing should stand in His way. He is a gentleman who will not get in your way.

Stay tuned to learning and understanding the way to inherit God’s blessings and promises for your life. Until next time…

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