The Lemon Tree That Did….

Need to be encouraged today? Here is something to encourage you with: Recently I received a lemon tree plant from one of my dearest friends. When she handed it to me it really looked like nothing. All that was there was dirt. All of my other container plants I was growing were prospering wildly; then there was this little container full of soil sitting there.

I almost dismissed it and threw it away. I almost wrote it off that maybe I should pitch it because it probably wasn’t going to grow anyway. By faith, I continued to check it on it daily holding on by a thread of hope, that perhaps it ‘might’ still have a chance. I was gone this weekend and when I returned, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The little lemon tree now had not just one, but TWO sprouts coming out from the soil standing tall as could be! I only doubted because I could not have seen the root system!

How did I know what was going on below the soil?! I didn’t, but something caused me to hold on to the plant and I believe that was faith! The rest of the plants had doubled in size almost in a matter of a couple of days! Can you imagine if I would have written my lemon tree off!?! Here was life and something positive and I almost stomped on it because I doubted it would grow!

Do you have areas in your life that need to grow? Have you watered the garden in your life recently? Maybe it’s time to switch your mentality and how you think about areas that need improvement. Even the areas you think you are good in I encourage you to re-evaluate! We can always aim and work on our skillset. Every seed in sown in your life counts. Even if you do not see the evidence of the fruit, it is coming! Do not let the doubts creeping in dismiss the calling on your life.

You have to keep your roots firmly planted in the ground no matter what. If there was not a purpose or plan for your life, you would not be here nor reading this right now. The fact that you might be reading this message is a sign. Your time here is not done, there is more!!! Believe even if it’s by a small seed! Don’t dismiss the seeds you have planted in your life; continue to nurture what you want to see cultivate in your life!

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