Tips and Strategies To A More Organized & Balanced You!

Are you getting overwhelmed trying to keep track of your schedule?

Are you finding you forget what things you need to take care of during the day or week?

Are things easily slipping your mind and you miss the due date for registration, entry, or assignment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions friends, here are a few tips and strategies to help you stay more organized and on top of your week:

1) Invest into yourself by purchasing a planner. Planners can be found at almost any store, including the dollar store. You don’t have to get the fanciest one, just one that you can take simple notes in and write your appointments down with. Planner can be 8.5×11 or a small planner that you keep in your purse or briefcase.

2) Keep your planner with you at all times, you never know when you will need to write something down. If it helps, keep a log in your vehicle or by the phone. Write yourself a reminder or type it into your phone to later remind yourself to add it to your planner.

3) Every morning before your day starts, set aside 5 minutes, even if this means getting up 5 minutes earlier. I know sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed and want to dash and sprint into the day. You will thank me later for this. In this 5 minutes, I want you to write down the 5 biggest tasks that need to get done that day in order of importance. Notice I did not say write down EVERYTHING you have to get done. The reason for this is that when you write it all down, you tend to over-think and analyze your day/week. You might also miss important details in some of those tasks or appointments, because you are juggling too much on your plate. Narrowing the scope to 5 top priorities will allow you to focus and give them the attention and detail they might need.

4) If you complete your task list early, re-evaluate and see how you are personally doing. It may seem exciting to get more than 5 tasks done on your list. Keep in mind the time you have available, you don’t want to rush. You also don’t want to push more into your day than your body is asking you to do. Take a moment to see how you truly feel. If you need an extra 10-15 minutes for yourself to regroup and get ready for the next transition of your day, allow yourself that extra time to maintain peace, tranquility, and balance. The good news is, these tasks will be here tomorrow ready for you to accomplish or later in your day depending on your schedule.

5) If a task does not get done, make it a priority the next day. Don’t stay up and lose sleep or sacrifice your personal or family time thinking it will be better for you to achieve it. Put the task list down and give yourself permission to enjoy your life or get an early night’s rest; especially when you have an extra loaded plate of things to accomplish in the week! It is not worth trying to cut the corners if that means sacrificing the quality of yourself.

6) Nourish and stay hydrated. I know this sounds silly and what does this have to do with task lists?!? EVERYTHING! When you stay hydrated and give your body the nourishment it needs to fuel up, you will be able to think more clearly, enhance performance in the work place and home, and you will be able to give your body the fuel it needs to re-energize you and keep you at your best as you accomplish tasks!

7) Get plenty of rest. I know, I sound just like your mother!!! You can probably hear record playing in your head now! There is a truth to this, however. When you give your body a rest, you give your mind the rest and sleep it needs. When you get the proper rest, you think more clearly and are able to focus in on what truly needs to get done!

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