What Worry? I am ‘Trusting’ (Part II)

Picking up from where we left off last blog post (for those that have not read the previous post, please be sure to go back and read so that you may follow along)…let me tell you a little something about worry. Worry is another word for Anxiety. Anxiety is excessive concern in something that brings on an emotional state. It can also come in the form of reasoning or continuously defending, justifying actions. Reasoning can be always trying to figure out something, always wanting to fix personal situations of self or others. When we operate in these things it can bring on confusion. When we are confused, we can experience a loss of clarity which in turn makes us vulnerable and highly susceptible to manipulation and deception.

Instead of opening the doors to the things we don’t want in our lives or to see happen with our bodies for that matter, trust is a MUST! Trust is really the door we want to walk through and operate in. Trust looks like walking in faith whether we have the answers to the questions we are asking or not. Our job is not to know everything, but to TRUST in the plan for our lives. If there is a desire in our hearts, trust will require us to walk by faith one step at a time on a day by day walk. Are you willing to walk on this journey?

I am not saying that is not good to ask questions or process situations. We must be willing to use wisdom to gain clarity. What I am saying is that when we ask too many questions that we waiver in our thoughts as a result, it is time to say ‘no’ and be willing to redirect our thoughts.

Thoughts are a choice. We are not our emotions. We are not our anxiety. We are not victims of circumstance. We are designed to be overcomers that have control over what we input or reject in our thoughts and mind alike. What does this mean? If it is going to get in the way of the things we are meant to do, the answer becomes simple. We do not do anything that will hinder where we are being called. We will do no more and no less of what is being asked of us. We will not try to figure things out on our own. If we are the praying type, this may require us to surrender and to pray about what action steps are ours and what is not ours. We may need to delegate at times and to have others that help hold us accountable to our action steps. We are empowered by the choices we are making; especially in the area of our mind and the thoughts we choose to think.

Being in control of our mindset means thinking and choosing thoughts that will produce the fruit we want to experience in our lives. When we are focused on what we are looking to achieve, we prosper in that way physically and in all areas for that matter. We begin to see life as positive and not something that we survive and bear. Worrying is completely useless, but faith in the one true Lord that can fix all of our problems is freedom. Think of yourself mentally taking the block of bricks off of your back for the first time. What freedom is experienced when you are no longer bearing the load the bricks brought you!

Be willing to shed and release the weight in your life. Give the Lord your concerns and prayers; He knows the plan for your life and is lining things up on your behalf and the behalf of others whose lives you are meant to impact. Let go of the pressure you put on yourself. Trust and rest, knowing He has you and the rest! Prayer is the road map to your success and by taking time to pray, you are more than on your way in the journey! Until next time….

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