What’s Your Adaptability Factor?

Hey friends, I was thinking about you and wanted to take a moment to encourage you.

It’s so much easier isn’t it? When your day is all neatly and nicely planned out and when you have your schedule set in a way that you can pick up and go? It must be nice when you can simply cross things off your list until they are done right?

Sounds ideal….

Until life hits you square between the eyes and then what???

Maybe we shouldn’t question this…after all LIFE continues to happen whether we are prepared for it or not.

Rather than over-complicating and analyzing it…maybe it really is time to learn to adapt to your day and live in the moment.

Sometimes you can get so set in a routine that if one little thing doesn’t go exactly the way you had trouble-shoot and executed for, it is enough to cause panic and undo stress. Stress can lead to unsettling thoughts and before you know it you are thinking too much about your day that you forget to enjoy it!


If you learn to adapt to your day you might learn a thing or two more by making a mistake that could be a lesson you were meant to learn.  When you take  step back, you are able to gain clarity and understanding, while problem-solving effectively.  Who doesn’t want to be diligent and effective in the time they do have.  More time is not necessarily more or better results.  Sometimes less time spent is more results!!!

It also could mean you finding a way to better balance out your day….too much of one narrow focus of anything is not good. Breaking your day  or even your week up can create so much more freedom for you. Rather than feeling as if you have to conquer the ‘elephant’ that is in the room, you can take ‘one bite’ at a time. Slow, consistent, and steady work can actually optimize your results…who doesn’t want optimal results?

With this said, I encourage you next time you experience any form of pressure, resistence, stress, or tension; step away and take a break. If you notice that there is an area that is out of balance, shift your concentration and focus in seeing where you can improve in that area. Look for ways to center yourself and create more balance in your life. Even if you have to take a brief 10 minute walk, or make some time to meet with a friend and catch up for an hour or two. Re-shifting your focus has many benefits including improved attention, clearer thinking patterns, more energy, and the ability to get more done in a shorter span of time.

Who knew????

You probably read this message thinking, sticking to a schedule is a clear way to get things done! Sure, I 100% agree and if you have a schedule that holds you accountable and allows you to better track your time, great. All I am saying is that balance is truly key to any schedule. Make sure to make time and room for the things you want to see happen. Allow yourself to occasionally deviate from a schedule and live life. You were meant for more than just work. You were meat to live life abundantly while adapting to day by day and moment by moment. Allow yourself to adapt and live with proper balance and perspective in mind! Until next time….

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