Where Is The Time Going??? (Part I)

Hello there friends, just wanted to encourage you a bit today!

Something that has been really weighing on my heart as I have been praying for each of you is working less hours, but making more income.

You know it’s really not your fault, so don’t condemn nor blame yourself. There has been a tremendous pressure I feel our society has put on us to be performance driven; meaning the more hours you work, the more income you will make. We are taught to go after things and income as though these things will make us happy and fulfill us.

Please know this, I am not suggesting that it is not a good idea to have nice things. Even myself and our family enjoy having nice things. What I am suggesting is that there be a proper balance to the work that we do and to be diligent in the time that we have available.

Too much work time is never a good thing. How many of you stress out wondering if you are going to meet your deadline? How many of you stress about what others think of you, maybe your boss or a colleague, when you don’t have that report done perfectly the way they want it? How many of you wonder if there were a few more hours in your day, certainly you would be able to get everything on your list done and then a head start on the next big project you have? How many of you work through meals and often forget to eat or sleep because there is an adrenaline rush for you in getting it ALL done?

Stay tuned for our next post of┬áthe negative consequences of what too much work can cause and how to overcome it!!! Stay tuned until next time….


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