Where Is The Time Going??? (Part II)

Need a reality check of what too much work can do….

Too many hours at work and feeling that there is never enough hours leads to anxiety and stress. Stress leads to burn out. Burn out leads to nervous break downs, heart problems, strokes, heart attacks, self-loathing, resentment, rejection, bitterness, an unloving feeling towards self and others, perfectionism, idolatry, etc. Chemically speaking, your hormones can become improperly balanced. The chemicals that make you happy and calm such as Melatonin and Serotonin go down as Cortisol increases and causes negative emotions and reactions to things that would not otherwise normally bother nor effect you in such a way.

The answer IS more hours does not mean more income and a better life nor does it mean fulfillment of your purpose. It is not by our own performance, selfish, and self-seeking that will get you ahead. Yes, perhaps this is a temporary fix, but not a permanent solution. Ask yourself this very important question, do you want to attract a life that leads to these aforementioned problems and issues OR a quality enriched life?

Let’s take a look at what a quality lifestyle looks like….

A quality lifestyle is one that is balanced and boundaries are set firmly. A quality lifestyle has intentional relationships that are not co-dependent (this goes for personal and business relationships alike). A quality lifestyle is about learning how to have grace, self, and forgive others. A quality lifestyle knows how to manage a schedule, when to step away from the work, and how to properly balance priorities with efficient time management skills. A quality lifestyle means still making time for loved ones and living life; newsflash, life is not all about WORK! There are other commitments, responsibilities, and investments in your life and there is also a WHY to living the life you dream of!

The good news is you don’t have to delay living the life you have dreamed about. It’s not about beating yourself up for the mistakes you made or holding it against yourself with shame and guilt. Don’t condemn yourself, instead allow yourself grace and pat yourself on the back for coming to an awareness that something needs to change. Really this is your first step. Secondly, if you are the praying type, ask for guidance on what exactly needs to change and be let go of. You are going to have to be willing to purge some things in you and hand the burden to the Lord in preparation for overcoming. You are also going to have to realize that it took many years for you to develop unhealthy habits, it’s going to take you time to learn new ones again. Enjoy the journey and learning the new and improving you. It’s not about your past, it’s about the journey you are on and who you are becoming.

Are you ready to make some extra time and say no to a couple of tasks? Would it be worth you to have an extra hour to spend with your family or unwinding? Would it be worth it to you to live a life of freedom and to schedule the things you always wanted to do, better yet achieve? You’ve got this, I believe in you! Start taking baby steps, you are on your way to great things!!!  Blessings and until next time……

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